Team Associated RC8B4.1 Kit 1/8 4wd Nitro Buggy

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The next evolution of the 2022 IFMAR World Champion-winning RC8B4 is upon us. Team Associated engineers sought to lower the CG, reduce weight, and improve handling on un-groomed outdoor tracks. As a result, the RC8B4.1 RWB chassis design has a stiffer tapered profile for predictable high-speed handling, allowing for a softer overall shock package. The suspension is overhauled with new front and rear low-CG shock towers and shorter shocks, along with a 3-hole rear suspension arms that allow for softer shocks and springs while still maintaining support in the fast turns. The wide base rear hubs come in three fixed axle heights and use 3mm carbon fiber hub towers to allow several different geometry options. Lastly, the buggy comes with 92mm universal joints, 44/13 bevel gears, and a 47T spur gear for the most grip and smoothest power delivery on ungroomed outdoor tracks.


Required to Complete:
  • Assembly
  • Electronics of choice
  • Nitro Engine of choice
  • Paint for Body
  • Assembly tools
  • RC8B4.1 RWB chassis and side guards with tapered chassis design to increase stiffness and predictability
  • Low CG and lightweight aluminum front and rear shock towers
  • Shorter 16mm front and rear shock bodies for lower CG and lighter weight
  • 6-hole 1.4mm front and 1.5mm taper rear machined shock pistons included with emulsion shock cap seals
  • 3-hole rear suspension arms with updated rear anti-roll bar geometry for both smooth and bumpy tracks
  • Durable rear hub design with wide footprint base, and tunable 3mm carbon fiber hub towers

  • Length 486mm (19.13")
  • Width 304.5mm (12")
  • Transmission Ratio 3.38:1
  • Wheelbase 323-327mm (12.72-12.87")