Konect X9S Transmitter Radio System w 9 Channel Receiver

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Combo Includes X9S Transmitter and (1) RG209s Receiver!

The KONECT X9S is the result of a collaboration with the manufacturer Wfly. The X9S is the latest evolution of the range and differs from the X9 in several aspects:

Hall effect potentiometers on the throttle and steering, providing more flexibility and much greater precision.
The X9S is also much faster as the response time is now 3.6 ms compared to 7.4 previously.
The X9S can be powered by a 2S lithium battery or two 18650s
The X9S is a compact radio that ensures excellent handling, it is perfectly balanced and the screen readability is perfect. The screen is a 3.5-inch capacitive model.

The interface is fully customizable both in terms of colors and layout of information and telemetry.

This radio was designed by an award-winning team of designers : Red Dot Design Award

The X9S is suitable for all disciplines of surface RC (car, boat, truck, and tank).

Save up to 40 models, and each model can accept up to 5 mixings!


Transmitter Settings:

Model Name: X9S
Number of Channels: 9
Power Supply Voltage: 7.0 V – 8.4 V
Operating Current: 220 mA
Applications: RC Cars, Boats, Tanks, Robots…
Resolution: 4096
Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz (bidirectional)
Memory: 40 memoizable models
Language: French and English
Display: 3.5-inch touchscreen (480×320)
Configurable voice announcements and alerts
Weight: 318 g

Receiver Settings:

Model Name: RG209S
Number of Channels: 9 channels PPM
Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz
Power Supply Voltage: 3.5 V – 9.0 V
Operating Current (work): 95 mA
Application Area: RC Cars, Boats, Tanks, Robots…
Resolution: 4096
Servo Compatibility: 180/270°
Wireless update
Dimensions: 36×22.8×12.6mm
Weight: 8.3g