Racers Edge PRO Portable Soldering Iron Kit

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The Racers Edge Pro Series Portable Soldering Iron is the perfect tool for anyone who needs a reliable and high-quality soldering iron that is also portable. The iron has a comfortable grip and a durable, heat-resistant case, making it easy to take it with you wherever you go.

When powered by your 3S-6S LiPo battery (not included), the 68W element is capable of heating up to 450 degrees in a matter of seconds. This is ideal for quick repairs on the trail, or at the track where power might not be readily available. A buzzer will alert you when the iron is up to temperature. Built-in low voltage protection and high temp/high voltage alarms make the iron safe to use.

The handle features a .91" OLED display and buttons for scrolling through the menu and making your programming settings. The screen can be "flipped" for right or left hand use.

Includes: Battery adapter with XT60 connector, a 4mm chisel tip, solder, and cleaning sponge.


  • Temperature range: 100-450 degrees Celsius
  • Tip size: 1.2mm
  • Power supply: DC12V-25V (3S-6S battery)
  • OLED display size: 0.91 inches
  • Weight: 120 grams
  • Supports C/F switching