PHUB Power Grip Tire Additive RC Prep Carpet

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The Power Grip is the perfect additive for you no matter what carpet track you’re going to! This all-new mixture will provide you unlimited Power to your tyres, all the time, and is very easy to drive and handle

The Power Grip comes in the well-known PHUB additive bottle with a 60ml content and a foam top for your comfort! It will be a must have in any RC bag around the world, as this additive is both fast and easy to drive, always.

Made from an all-new chemical structure, the Power Grip is nothing alike our other additives, but something you must try for yourself. It’s used for 10-20min depending on your desired grip level. For optimal performance, it’s very important to keep the tyres wet from your first applying and until you go racing.


Higher grip than the The Fusion Grip




  • (1) 60ml bottle of prep
  • Specially formulated for carpet racing (USGT Euro Truck Trans Am Touring F1 ECT)