MXLR SideBite R-1 Odorless Rubber Tire Additive

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The tires are the ONLY connection between your car and the racetrack. Condition and preparation of the surface can be the difference between victory or defeat. With our SideBite Tire Additives your tire game will always be on point! 

Our SideBite R-1 Rubber Tire Additive is odorless and non-toxic to comply with worldwide racing associations rules. Ideal for all track conditions and undergrounds. Unlocks amazing corner speed and grip levels on carpet!

Comes in a handy plastic bottle with integrated sponge applicator and sealing cap.

Developed, produced and filled in Germany! 

Filling qty.: 95ml
Filling tolerance: +/- 5ml


1x SideBite R-1 Rubber Tire Additive (95ml)