MXLR Driveshaft & Gear Oil

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FROM MXLR: Driveshafts and Gears are under high load, which means at the same time this components are exposed to high wear.
It's our goal to minimize the wear without influence of free movement.

Together with a special oil manufacturer in Germany we developed the MXLR Driveshaft & Gears Oil. 
It consists of well chosen high quality ingredients in a special mixture to reduce wear and stay in place under rotation. For this reason, the oil is very thick and sticky! 
There is still the chance that some oil will "fly away" at high RPM's - BUT another special ingredient of our mixture will ensure an ongoing lubrication. 

We recommend to check and service your driveshafts once a day at race/test sessions and add 1-2 drops per shaft.
Our proven 10ml bottle with included metal tip allow an easy maintenance of your RC model to keep it in best shape and on the highest performance level.


(1) MXLR Driveshaft & Gears oil (10ml)