MXLR Ball Bearing Oil

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FROM MXLR: Friction is the natural enemy of performance. Ball bearings are the preferred remedy to reduce the friction of drivetrains in RC models. To get the best performance out of ball bearings they need some special care and treatment.

Together with a special oil manufacturer in Germany we developed the MXLR Ball Bearing Oil. 

It consists of well chosen high quality ingredients in a special mixture to minimize the friction and extend the free spinning for a MAXimum free drivetrain. Furthermore, it will extend the lifetime of the ball bearings at regular service. 

As we took care to have a super thin oil, it's enough to add 1-2 drops on the sealing of a bearing and it will find its way. 
Our proven 10ml bottle with included metal tip allows an easy maintenance of your RC model to keep it in best shape and on the highest performance level.


(1) MXLR Ball Bearing Oil (10ml)