Kyosho 1/10 2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Lunar Rock 4WD KB10L Green

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The 2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Lunar Rock 4WD KB10L Readyset really sets itself apart from the competition. The Scale dimension and looks with no body clips shown on the body really sets it apart on the trail. The 340mm wheelbase and narrower width allow true to scale dimensions. That combined with an ultra-scale body with tinted windows, you would be forgiven thinking it was the real thing.

In addition to scale looks, the 2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Lunar Rock 4WD KB10L Readyset keeps things high end under the body as well with an aluminum chassis featuring a beefy center spine support! While most of the competitors have plastic chassis, Kyosho is standing out. The center diff allows more stability on dirt and low grip terrain, and offers more adjustability for tunning. Get yours today and hit the trails!

Includes: Factory assembled Chassis with painted body, radio system, servo, speed controller, and motor.

Required to Complete:
  • 4 AA battery (for transmitter)
  • 2-3S Li-Po battery pack
  • charger

  • Licensed 2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD body! Plastic grill, side mirrors, front and rear bumpers and headlights/tail lights. Tinted clear windows. LED ready with light buckets ULTRA SCALE badge!
  • Scale Dimensions-The width is narrower than the other standard short course type. Stealth body mount system with no clips showing!
  • HD 1.5mm thick PC body for bashing. Two Extra body support points on the hood and truck bed for stability.
  • Durable extended 2.5mm aluminum chassis with center spine reinforcement. Modular design allowing lowered diff areas for higher ground clearance.
  • Center diff feature for stability on off road low grip terrain. Center Diff gear layout for well balanced power transfer.
  • Sintered metal durable gears for the pinion / input gears / ring gears / bevel gears! 4 bevel diff gear setup!
  • Upgraded gear ration to suite the smaller tires! 19T pinion allows 70km/h top speeds!
  • Front and rear diff gear area is lowered for more ground clearance. Inferno NEO tech diffs for true reliability.
  • Oil filled diffs! #5000 for front / rear and center is #10,000.
  • Upgraded turn buckle upper arms for more adjustability!
  • Upgraded springs for the oil shocks for more balanced performance!
  • All terrain off-road tires with similar dimensions as the Proline Short course tires!
  • Scale truck wheels!
  • Injected special formulated telescopic swing shafts for efficient reliable power transfer!
  • Big bore shocks!
  • Kyosho Speed House BRAINZ 10+ ESC!! 3S Li-Po compatible system! 80A capacity. Punch level (Acceleration) is now preset at 3(Previously 1 for beginners)!
  • Kyosho Speed House TORX 10L High Torque long can motor(KV2850)!
  • Sealed Rx box!
  • Kyosho Synchro KT231P+ 3ch 2.4GHz radio system with KR331 receiver unit!

  • Length: 572mm, Width: 274mm, Height: 214mm
  • Wheelbase: 340mm
  • Tire:110 x 47mm, Tread: 224mm/R224mm
  • Weight 3410g
  • Gear Ratio 10.41:1
  • 19T Pinion / 43T Spur Gear