Konect K1 Elite 21.5t Stock Sensored Brushless Motor

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Konect motors in the K1 Elite range were designed in France and are dedicated to 1/10th competition.

The very precise design, components and assembly of the sensors allow these motors to deliver maximum torque and speed.

The format is standard and these engines can be used on all 1/10th competition vehicles. The coating of the stator improves heat dissipation and provides better resistance to corrosion over time.

The specific cage is ventilated and machined in CNC T6 aluminum. High purity copper wirings maximize conductivity.

Finally, the timing is adjustable and this motor has a double sensor socket (horizontal and vertical) to adapt to all possible configurations.

Konect K1 Elite motor technical features :

➤ The new and unique stator design of K1 ELITE motor is optimized to provide strong torque and high RPM.

➤ Updating the cover and installing the vacancy avoidance space is suitable for all modified car body in the market.

➤ New stator coating for better heat dissipation and long term surface corrosion resistance.

➤ Accurately mounted sensors for the best possible KV and RPM.

➤ CNC Machined Billet T6 Aluminum Heatsink Can

➤ High Purity Copper Windings Maximizes Conductivity

➤ Adjustable Timing, Dual sensor port

Konect K1 Elite motor specificities :
Size : 540
Type : Stock
Length : 53.9 mm
Diameter : 35.8 mm
Rotor diameter : 3.175 mm
Turns number : 21.5
Rotor poles : 2
KV : 2300
Lipo : 1-3 S
Max Amp : 28 A
IO (7.4V) : 2.4 A
Resistance : 0.0584 ohms
Watts : 100 W
Weight : 155g

The K1 Elite and K8 Elite motors are used by the French driver Reno Savoya