HPI Baja 5B Flux 1/5 2WD Electric Desert Buggy SBK Kit

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1/5 Scale Baja 5B Flux 2WD Electric Desert Buggy SBK with Clear Body (No Electronics)

The one and only original HPI Baja 5B is BACK and ready for you to build from the ground up! The HPI SBK collection of Self Build Kits grows with the addition of not just one, but TWO 1/5th scale HPI kits! Fans of electric off-road RC will be super excited to build their own brushless-powered 1/5th scale with the HPI Baja 5B FLUX Self Build Kit! Experience the thrill and excitement of building a car which ends up being over 80cm (nearly 32 inches) long and weighing nearly 10kg (over 21 lb)! Just install your own electronics as you build the Baja 5B FLUX and you'll be ready for any adventure that comes your way!

With extra-tough drivetrain parts taken straight from the gasoline-powered version such as the viscous torque differential, super-durable composite spur gear with internal damping and all-metal drivetrain, the Baja 5B FLUX is ready for up to 8S of raw LiPo power, so you can see speeds of over 50 miles per hour!

The Baja 5B FLUX is also equipped with extra-big and super-tough suspension parts, featuring awesome HPI durability! With its expertly designed molded composite suspension plus extra-long adjustable HD shocks, and massive high impact nylon 3-piece beadlock wheels, the Baja 5B is ready for full-speed racing on any off-road circuit!

The 4mm thick 6061 aluminum monocoque chassis fits a huge battery box and has space for the BIGGEST brushless motors you can find for RC, and also features an adjustable motor mount. Precise steering is provided by a dual-bellcrank rack and cam-type servo saver. Aluminum parts are anodized in cool gunmetal and a sleek FLUX-specific clear polycarbonate body is included in the SBK kit, ready for your custom racing scheme!

The tube roll cage is made of high impact nylon and topped with a real aluminum roof to carry on the classic looks. The roll cage is fully functional and protects the motor and internals from crash damage. The roll cage, radio box, body panels, wing, undertray and gear case are all mounted with fast access clips for easy maintenance.

The Baja 5B SBK Includes these Upgrades:

Front & Rear Sway Bars (86618)- Front and rear sway bars improves handling and gives quicker steering response over. Add more tuning possibilities with the Sway Bar Set!

Super Heavy Duty Drive Shaft (104966) - The 9mm thick Super Heavy Duty Drive Shafts and matching HD drivetrain parts add a serious amount of toughness to the drivetrain, and the rubber boots keep mud and grass from the outdrives and bearings.

Rear Hub Carrier (104781) - The one-piece Rear Hub Carriers are easier to adjust, more durable, and are a lighter weight than the original multi-piece hub carriers. They also allow toe-in adjustments of 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 degrees to help match the Baja's performance to track conditions.

24mm Heavy Duty Front Hex Hub (105612) - Replacing the original C-clip front hex hub, the HD Front Hex Hub adds a serious amount of strength to the front suspension and dramatically improves the durability of the HPI Baja 5B.

Suggested electronic specifications:

Motor: 1/5th scale motor with 800KV rating, maximum 113mm (length) x 56mm (diameter) with 30mm M4 mounting holes

Speed controller: 1/5th scale ESC with 200 amp continuous current rating to match the motor

Battery: total of 4S-8S LiPo, combined maximum size 200 x 84 x 47mm

High-current connectors: matching connectors for the motor, ESC and batteries

Radio system: 2-channel radio & transmitter set with voltage & signal failsafe

Servo: minimum 25kg/cm or 486oz-in rating with 75mm mounting (large scale standard size)

Battery charger: LiPo balance charger suitable for chosen car battery.

Kit Specifications:

Overall Length 817mm

Height: 255mm

Width: Front - 460mm; Rear - 480mm

Tire Track (to center of tires): Front - 395mm; Rear - 400mm

Wheelbase: 570mm

Ride Height: 76mm

Suspension Travel: Front - 95mm; Rear - 100mm

Weight: 9.6kg (21.3lb)

Adjustable Camber: front - shims; rear - screw

Front caster: adjustable with shim 22 / 25.5* / 29 degrees (* stock)

Toe-in: Front adjustable with tie rod; Rear adjustable with inserts 0-4 degrees (3 degrees stock set-up)

Aircraft aluminum 6061 T6 monocoque chassis

Double wishbone suspension with adjustable roll center F/R

Drive system: HD metal gears with sealed gear box (8.382:1 gear ratio)

Differential: viscous torque control with 4 pinion gears; sealed diff case with silicone oil

Shock absorber: HD Aluminum coilover shock absorber with fully adjustable preload collar

Wheel type: 3-piece beadlock design, high impact nylon material with inset heavy-duty metal hex hub




Unassembled 1/5th scale electric-powered Off-Road Buggy ready for your 6S or 8S LiPo electronics

Aircraft aluminum 6061 T6 monocoque chassis with low CG and adjustable HD shock absorbers on long travel suspension for superior handling

Viscous torque oil-filled gear differential

All-terrain tires and beadlock wheels with metal insert hubs

Quick access to all critical maintenance points

Dual bellcrank steering and cam type servo saver

Aluminum rear shock tower and hard plastic skid plates

Gunmetal anodizing

Full set of rubber-sealed ball bearings

Adjustable motor mount and streamlined HPI Baja 5B Flux body design