Gmade GS02F Spider Portal TS Assembly Kit 1/10 RC Rock Crawler

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The Gmade Spider is a high-performance 1/10 scale rock crawler designed for off-road enthusiasts. With its rugged and durable construction, the Spider is built to tackle challenging terrains with ease. The Spider features a steel ladder frame, frame affixed inner fenders, and an extended 347mm wheelbase. Add to that the front weight bias with the front mounted motor combined with the "scale" transmission and the ability to use different size batteries with the adjustable battery tray, the Spider is sure to be your favorite 1/10 scale crawler the first time you take it out. The drivelines to the front and rear axles are arranged in a straight-line to reduce fatigue and stress of the universal shafts. The Spider also features a factory installed front overdrive, helping to decrease the steering radius, make the Spider more agile. Also installed is the TTR transmission (Torque Twist Reduction) helping keep wheels on the ground.

*Shown with custom painted body. The included body is clear.*


Kit (assembly required)  

Clear Lexan Body

Required to Complete:

3 Channel Radio/Receiver

Steering Servo

Shift Servo




Battery Charger



  • Steel Ladder Frame: high strength steel. Powder coated to prevent rusting.
  • Inner Fenders: Directly fixed to the frame
  • Extended 347MM Wheelbase
  • Front Weight Balance
  • Front Mounted Motor: Either a 540 or 550 size motor can be mounted.
  • Adjustable Battery Tray
  • Chassis Mounted Servo (CMS) System
  • Overdrive Gearing: The GS02F transmission is designed to rotate the front wheels faster than the rear wheels.
  • FWB (Front Weight Bias): Helps with front tire traction allowing the vehicle to pass through steep slopes and obstacles without lifting the front of the body upward.
  • 2-Speed HI/LO Transmission: 1st gear is for rock crawling. 2nd gear is for hill climb/higher-speed driving.
  • TTR (Torque Twist Reduction) Transmission: Designed to reduce unnecessary torque so the vehicle will drive with more stability, the front and rear universal shafts rotates clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Easy Adjust Motor Mount
  • GA44P Portal Axle: Higher ground clearance and anti-torque performance. Made of high-strength material and equipped with uniquely designed tilted differential covers.
  • High Steer Knuckle Arm: Increases the approach angle.
  • Zero Ackerman Steering
  • SD Scaler Shock Absorber: Coil-over style shock. High durability aluminum shock bodies. 3.5mm heavy duty shock shafts. Adjustable.
  • MT-1905 1.9 Inch M/T Off-Road Tire: Super soft compound.
  • Lexan Body: No Top style. 1.5mm Lexan. Includes front grille, light bucket, side mirrors, wipers, driver seat, steering wheel, shifter, overfenders, roll cage and a LED light bar (LED bulbs not included) and decals.
  • Front Stealth Body Mount