FMS C3070 High Speed Motor FCX24 Power Wagon, Smasher, K5 Blazer, Unimog

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For 1:24 Smasher, Power Wagon, K5 Blazer, Unimog 421

130 high-speed motor, with up to 40,000 rpm, and a maximum speed of 20km/h. Experience powerful climbing on rough and rocky roads, and feel the speed on open and flat roads.

Before purchasing the high-speed motor:

1. Please confirm whether the battery to be used with this motor is equipped with a PCM (protective circuit module). If there is a PCM, you are advised to purchase a battery without, to avoid the situation that the ESC is turned off due to battery protection caused by excessive current.

2. Do not use more than three batteries in a row to prevent overheating damage to electronics or scalding on the user.

3. It is recommended to upgrade to metal transmission gears ( C3062 ) while upgrading to the high-speed motor to avoid tooth sweeping.

4. It is recommended to add a heat sink ( C3067 ) while upgrading to the high-speed motor to effectively reduce the motor temperature and prolong the life of the motor.