LUGZ RC Drag Racing Car SOFT Foam Insert (4) No Prep 1/8 Buggy 1/10 Short Course

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This foam is a softer then the Lugz green foam.   

Qty. 4 pieces made for 1/8 Buggy / 1/10 Short Course / 1/10 Drag Cars



- Optional grey foam is used in cold conditions and/or harder compound tires.

- Great for qualifying but is not recommended for long main events.

- Comparable to worn in used foam that Pro drivers utilize in certain conditions for qualifying. 


DRAG RACING (this is the secret foam that racers don't discuss)

- Foam is used in drag racing tires.  It's softer than a Hoosier foam and a little firmer than the stock reaction foam. Order them up today!



Works great on a tight track were the truck needs to be nimble.


Foam Comparison:   Approx. #'s - changes per batch 

Lugz Green 10.5 Shore A      - 10 grams 

Lugz Grey 8 Shore A              - 8.5 grams

Others Grey 10 Shore A        - 11 grams

Others Blue 10. 5 Shore A   - 10.5 grams

Others Black 9 Shore A        - 9 grams

Others Red 12.5 Shore A     - 13 grams

Lugz is a RC tire manufacturer located in the United States, offering competitive parts/tires for 8th & 10th scale off road racing!

Naughty Boy RC is an official dealer of Lugz products. Shop with confidence that you will be receiving genuine Lugz parts, shipped from within the USA!


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