TP3D Designs RC Dirt Oval Car Foam Tire Marking Tool

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- A must have in every foam tire racers pit box!

- This easy to use tool allows you to mark horizontal lines on your foams.

- The TP3D Tire Marking Tool will hold up to a 2.78 Custom Works or BSR tire.

- The ideal tool for repeatedly getting the perfect cut in your tires!

- Keep a consistent and straight marked line, providing the best grooves you can cut!


1. You start by putting a tire inside the tool and installing the cap (this prevents the tire from spinning while inside the marking tool). 

2. Mark your desired line count! (the preferred marker is a silver sharpie).

Currently our store offers the TP3D Foam Tire Marking Tool in the sizes of 26, 30 and 36 grooves.

*Please note: TP3D Sticker is not included on product as display photos show. Also a printed wing nut has been added for easier tightening/loosening.